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SCImatic Design – Q&A NTNU Lecture | SCImatic Design

SCImatic Design – Q&A NTNU Lecture

Here is a the summary of the disscussed topics and questions at the lecture at the NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, 25.02.2011, Trondheim, Norway.

Lecture titel: SCImatic Design. Analysing the Architectural Utopia. A project about what architects colud learn from Science Fiction Architecture.

Q: What about the kind of Science Fiction Architecture which is organic and biological like in the movie Alien?

A: As long as they are organic – biologic elements thet function as application, this means as a form of plant, –  we do not regard them as architecture.  A building substance from purely biologic, organic elements could not be found so far in the films. But also if they were, I would not regard them as architecture as these systems generally have controlled, more or less autonomous intelligence, and as such have to be looked in a different way.

Q: How do you see the realationship between “normal“ architects and the people who do architecture in these movies?

A: I am sure the that there is not as much relation as you think. I think the architecture within these utopias is mostly designed by designers with a strong artistic approach. It is not necessary to build the buildings in their entirety. So you do not need any construction skills – this would actually hinder the innovative process.  In this respect it is quite right that the architecture in these utopias does not come from architects.

Q: Are these 4 or 5 categories the only categories that exist at all? …or could it be that you find another one on the same level?

A: I believe – if you do not change the framework of the analysis – these 4 categories could be all there are. In the end these styles, as we currently see it, can not be reduced to themselves. But it can be that within a future, more detail-layered analysis we will still encounter surprises.

Q: Which movie was voted last in this study? Or, what is in your opinion the worst Science Fiction movie?

A: My first guess would be “Plan 9 from Outher Space“ directed by Ed Wood (originally titled as Grave Robbers from Outer Space). But this movie became really famous because it was really badly made. So, I guess for the reason that this movie is what it is called CULT it would not be voted on the last place. Fact is that this movie is not well-known or popular and so it didn`t make it on the list at all. The last place (159.) at the ranking we used was taken by Demolition Man.

Q: It looks like the the future or these utopias don`t change very much over time.

A: That is true. And I do not have an explanation for that, yet.

I would be happy to discuss these topics here and looking forward for more questions and comments on this post.

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