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Research SD – The Leading Principles | SCImatic Design

Research SD – The Leading Principles

When working on the project we always remind us about our self defined leading principles:

Acceptance of incompleteness. A claim to completeness has to be abandoned. The difficulty lies within working only with fragments, with short unclear views or diffuse and dark ambient lights. The challenge within this lies in the fact that you have to accept it and make the best out of what you got. Sure it would be much better if I can take a look at the movie sets, the stage props, the models or the animations, but since this is not accessible for the consumer (and I believe its better that way) its not relevant for the influence tat a movie can produce.

– Interpretation of the visible. Through the restriction of the researched area to filmic and visual representations, particular attention is paid to “what you can see“. So your only tool to intensify your research is the pause button on your DVD player.

– Considering the social circumstances and technological conditions. In principle, direct and indirect relations between the constructed surroundings and the dominant social dynamics seem to influence the science fiction architecture way more than architecture in reality. The reason could ground in the simultaneous invention of the social dynamics and the constructed surroundings in the same process of creation by the author or director.  In our real world architectures renders a kind of social reflection through a correspondence between an artful interpretation and current technical possibilities. So, there must be a delay in the creation process, which in Science fiction is not necessary.


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