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The relevance of SCImatic Design. Part 1. | SCImatic Design

The relevance of SCImatic Design. Part 1.

The importance of science fiction architecture, for me and my work in this field, does not only lie within the visionary creativity, but specifically in the fact that within the imaginary planning we consciously proceed from an unreal world and often from an impossible world. If architecture can understand itself as manifestation of cultural, technological and spiritual conditions of a society – and this can be legitimately claimed so – then, fictional societies should also produce architectonic manifestations different to the “real world“, or better architectonic manifestations corresponding to their world.

The systems of structures of society within the genre of science fiction makes architectonic elements possible, often even necessary, which could not have emerged out of the real system of society. Thus, in science fiction, firstly, a new society, a new system is created, and secondly out of this new parameter a corresponding architecture is formed. Moreover, then also taking into consideration that the author comes from our real world would mean, within the theoretical frame of Heinz von Foerster*, that utopian design represents a “higher-order architecture”. The designer designs a new world, which in turn generates out of itself a new architecture. The literary context becomes a breeding ground for new architecture, as it can develop out of different social environments together with different natural-scientific parameters.


* explore: Foerster, Heinz von. KybernEthik. Verlag Merve, Berlin. 1993

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