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Thinking about a new investigation area: SciFi-Comics! | SCImatic Design

Thinking about a new investigation area: SciFi-Comics!

So far the study of SCImatic Design was only investigating the area of SCIFI Movies. The main reason for this is that within the written genre of science fiction there is hardly any architecture mention or described – and if there is it is a widely generalised description.

Now I am considering entering a new investigation and research area – Science Fiction Comics! The first hint I got was the comic author Jean Giraud (pseudonym: moebius). I am intrigued by the idea of using the comic utopias for analysing and maybe integrating them into the study of SCImatic Design.



Does anyone have any ideas or tips where I can get some more science fiction comics online? Or do any names of SCIFI – Comics or authors come to your mind?

A special thank you to my friend Martin Brischnik (http://brischnik.eu) whose idea it was to look into the world of comics and who got me the tip about Jean Giraud!

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